Back to School: Kids Lunch Ideas
Back to school season is here. Make your life easier with these quick and healthy lunches that your kids will happily tote to school.
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  1. Tiffany Mwedziwendira

    That looks so good

  2. Do yourself a favor and read reviews on before giving them your credit card number. scammed me and I found out a day too late that they have a reputation for doing the same to others.

  3. Nyx De Guise

    But wait where did you get those lunch boxes, though…

  4. Chandrakant Gangavane

    It was not that good

  5. My child is 4, and she really isn't a meat eater, texture seems to be the problem =[

  6. I remember what my lunch was, 1 or 2 pieces bread, with some kind of spread (Ect. Cheese or ham)

  7. I love this video it's so cool!

  8. Adele Turner

    great video/ideas but lady u need some tupperware in your life, those knives are terrible, and the containers aren't airtight, hope they dont leak all over your childs lunch bag when they get to school, those beautiful lunches u create would be a mess!

  9. barbara ruiz

    good food

  10. Douglas N (IM4GIVEN)

    Awesome! Thank you for the ideas….B-Blessed

  11. #Healthy   #lunchbox  ideas to get you inspired!

  12. Horror Hunter

    You seem tired.. Maybe you should eat some meat, or real peanut butter to get some energy.. Also, American Cheese is yellow, not white. Where is the fruit in these lunches? And the amount of food you are sending to school with your kid is a bit ridiculous.. seems like a lot of food is being wasted.

  13. what kid is going to sit and put together those tacos at school, come on now!!

  14. I going to try the bananna sushi myself!!!!

  15. The PinProject

    Check out my latest video for kids hair styles – back to school 
    Also will do follow for follow :)

  16. Laura Mawdsey

    Kids are baby goats :))

  17. Kentucky Health Cooperative

    These school lunch ideas are not only #healthy, they are fun to look at!

  18. what happens to the sunflower butter and jelly sandwich parts that were cut out? 🙁 mama just eats 'em?

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