Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes

Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes! Today I have 3 easy healthy vegan lunch ideas that would be perfect for back to school. I loved to make these when I had to pack lunch for work.I prep all my lunch the night before to save time in the morning. I love that these are so easy healthy and vegan. Thumbs up and subscribe!

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Todays video is is Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes! I love these quick easy healthy DIY vegan lunch recipes that are perfect for back to school. I always prepare my lunch recipes the night before school to save yourself some time in your school morning routine. I find these recipes to be simple and easy to make and easy to pack with you for school. I hope you enjoyed my Back To School 3 DIY Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Recipes video.

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  1. Anthony Berbari

    Ily 💗

  2. Does the pineapple taste good with the peanut butter?

  3. Hi everyone. Please check out my new vegan channel. Im currently uploading 2 new videos with more to come. Thank you.

  4. Is being a vegan expensive?? I really want to become one (I'm 15) but my mum says she can't afford it

  5. Hi rachel, Jesus loves you and wants to save you and is willing to forgive you if you will repent of your sins. :)

  6. Jasmine Flaherty

    Can I use something other than peanutbutter for the last one
    And if so what

  7. Fatima Zahra Bouziane

    thank you

  8. Symone Williams

    Good Ideas. Thinking to Try The Fruit w Greek Yogurt, Since My Brother Has Peanut Allergies. Thanks for the Tips. So…Thumped & Sharing. Your New Friends @ Symone1176 Channel ~

  9. You talk way too fast

  10. Fifi Rusyadi

    Apa kah makan diet biar kurus

  11. Roula Dandachi

    I love your video :-)

  12. Frida Herting

    So glad I found this video! I'm planning on going on a vegan diet just to see if it would make me feel healthier, so I'm looking for all sorts of healthy vegan recipes, and these three look soo delicious :)

  13. Emanuel Gutierrez

    Check this Roasting Veggies: "Veggie Ensalada":

  14. I love this video! I can never find good videos for healthy lunch ideas, finally my prayers have been answered:)

  15. Infinitythenfurther

    Babe don't bother peeling your carrots, all the nutrients lie just beneath the skin and it doesn't even taste bad x

  16. Amberlicous AJ

    Nutella for the fruit = AMAZE BALLS

  17. Heather Ponicsan

    Wow you are very healthy if I tried to eat a tomato with humus I would gag. Tomatoes are so bad to me I hate them so much haha

  18. scarbrough 101

    When was the last time u ate meat?

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