ASMR Brazilian Comfort Food ~ Coxinha-Feijoada-Tropeiro-Pastel [Eating Sounds]

ASMR Brazilian Comfort Food ~ Coxinha-Feijoada-Tropeiro-Pastel-Maduros-Mandioca Frita [Eating Sounds] Minimal Whispering 👇Open Me!👇

Join me for this savory meal inspired by a couple of my awesome subscribers from Brazil. I’m so grateful I found this food not too far from me! Visiting Brazil has been on my bucket list since I was young.
I’ve had fried yucca fries & maduros before, but everything else here was a first for me. Each item is very reminiscent of other foods that I love.
I find that Brazilian food has many similarities with Cuba in their staples like black beans & plantains, as well as dumplings from Asia.
Just shows how different corners of the world are connected, through the history of their cuisine! Washed it down with Cheerwine. Enjoy!

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What is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)?
Tingles/chills on the scalp/body or relaxation caused by triggers such as repetitive, steady, low volume sounds. For many people, triggers include eating sounds. This phenomenon has been found to help with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even eating disorders.

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  1. Oxente, cadê o cuscuz aí?

  2. Feijoada é muito bom mano,beijo do Brasil 🇧🇷❤️❤️

  3. •: army :•

    Deu uma fome sabe? 😂❤️🇧🇷

  4. Luiz Alberto

    Que porra é essa?…

  5. Kkkkk gostei

  6. Andrebr Games

    Come to Brasil you wana like sooo much

  7. oque eu estou fazendo aqui?por quê? agora tô com fome!!

  8. coxinha is so much better with catchup. kisses from Brazil.

  9. Essa feijoada tá bonita viu

  10. Renato calixto

    Que viagem é essa kkkkkkkkkkkkk só falta colocar o microfone na bunda pra ouvir a merda caindo no vaso

  11. Docinho winchester

    E nois parca aqui e brasil poha

  12. Millena Costa

    é so falar algo do brasil q brota brasileiro kkkkkkkkkk

  13. cepa de madeira

    Cotchinha kkkkkk ai que fofa

  14. amas e o cuscuz?

  15. Elisangela Alves

    don't eat feijoada with coxinha and pastel! you didn't make a good combination but all is great and tasty

  16. Isabela Santos

    Ah tô com fome agr kkklkkk feijoada melhor comida❣ aah meu Brasil…🇧🇷❤

  17. 6:24 o que e isso

  18. 0t4Ku H3nT4i


  19. Que tropeiro é esse q tem ovo, q eu nunca vi kk

  20. faltou o dolly