Arabic Salad Recipe

Arabic Salad Recipe

This is an arabic recipe video – a very popular Palestinian Dish
. hope you like it.
Grazie a DJ Jacobo Hijazin for the music ;P


  1. Mohammed Zulfiqar

    Thanks it was great 😀 this lady has been keeping me alive ever since i moved !

  2. Hussamalrafiden09

    I am arab and I have never tasted that salad before haha!! The Arabic salad is usually called Tabole and it's not this salad that Maha made!!

  3. Nice video, Salaam

  4. Wow, that looks very good. The thing that struck me was how cut those veggies.

  5. sounds good, cant wait to try it thank you!

  6. What's the spice u mention that was from arabic??? I wanna try to this salad.:)

  7. rrodriguezone

    i'd like to toss that salad

  8. If I may ask why you need an Arab women in the first place?

    What is your view about Arabic people?

  9. اما سلطه عربيه ههههههه
    احنا نقولها سلطة خضرا 🙂
    ماشاءالله عليكي قناتك جمييله .. موفقه يارب

  10. GlamRockStylist

    lol at the french part hahaha bien dit^^

  11. Do you want to lose weight? Im a personal trainer you learn me arabic ill will help you to make you even more gorgeous

  12. RomeoAngel11

    Ana b hibback maha inta cooking

  13. yeah, she is :p

  14. from ARGENTINA

  15. Rahul Vijayakrishnan

    Goodness me!! You are so beautiful 🙂 Will never doubt the existence of God anymore 😛 🙂

  16. i made it i'm going to save it until thanksgiving . thankyou shukran

  17. William Joseph de Pace
  18. Hodan Mohamed

    na'na means candy in somali lol. I think you just taught me how to make my own salad dressing. yay!

  19. مها انتي متزوجة لاني شفت خاتم

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