Americans Try Brazilian Food Mukbang, Pao de Queijo, Yucca Flour, Picanha and more!

Americans Try Brazilian Food Mukbang, Pao de Queijo, Yucca Flour, Picanha and more!

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Hey guys, today we are going to try Brazilian food for the first time. We have pao de queijo, yucca flour, picanha and much more. This will be our first Brazilian food mukbang so join these Americans try Brazilian food for the first time.
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  1. Matheus Wemmer

    Congratulations,and hunger

  2. Matheus Wemmer

    Parabéns, e que fome

  3. Olinda Nobre

    Só falta AÇAÍ e CUPUAÇU.

  4. Rudson Rangel

    Yes Yes Yes good food brazilian

  5. Nathalia Brito

    Yucca flower is usually eaten with meat ;3

  6. Babi Junqueira

    9:36 Ordem e Prrogresso, e algo que não temos em nosso pais

  7. waldete alves


  8. damn, THAT'S EATING! lol When people do these eating type of video they normally bite something, say something and move on. You guys just tear the whole thing apart. LOLOLOL AMAZING!

  9. We mix the flour with beans or just the meat, we do not eat pure, I don't know if only here, but also mixed with fried egg

  10. Deborah Erinosho

    You guys should try Nigerian good I think u guys would like it a lot

  11. Amei o video. Mais uma inscrita❤❤

  12. You should try the FEIJOADA and BRIGADEIRO

  13. Steph the one you liked the most (that chopped veggie thing), is called vinagrete (vinaigrette) it is yummy and you can pour it and it's sauce on your food just like farofa that is that powdery thing made with yucca flour. 😀 glad you guys liked our food.

  14. Yucca flour you mix with meat to eat, for example.

  15. valentina gameplay


  16. very good your video

  17. Try eat farofa with picanha. They must be together

  18. Elizatlantic

    you are supposed to eat Yuca Flour with Rice and Beans all mixed up. it is delicious, or with Feijoada

  19. Elizatlantic

    I love it. I am Brazilian and I love that you guys are trying the food. Well done

  20. Ivone Fonseca

    That food you liked is called Vinagrete and is tomato with onions and a bit of vinegar!