ALL YOU CAN EAT Brazilian STEAK on South Beach | Miami Beach, Florida

I recently visited Fogo de Chao the best Brazilian steakhouse in the USA! They have an all you can eat Brazilian steak menu called rodizio and it’s a meat lovers dream!


I have been to many rodizio restaurants in my life, but the experience at Fogo de Chao is unparalleled. They have over a dozen amazing pieces of meats to try plus a salad bar that is amazing!

Here all all the pieces of meat that we tried:
1. Picanha – Prime Part of the Top Sirloin
2. Filet Mignon – Tenderloin
3. Alcatra – Top Sirloin
4. Fraldinha – Bottom Sirloin
5. Beef Ancho – Rib Eye
6. Costela – Beef Ribs
7. Medalhoes com Bacon – Bacon-Wrapped Steak
8. Cordeiro – Leg of Lamb
9. Lombo – Pork
10. Costela de Porco – Pork Ribs
11. Bisteca de Porco – Pork Chops
12. Linguica – Sausage
13. Franco – Chicken
14. Chicken Hearts

By far my favorites were the Beef Ribs and the Leg of Lamb, but every piece was top notch! Fogo de Chao is the an authentic gaucho style Brazilian steakhouse which is a must visit when visiting South Beach. They also have over a dozen locations around the world:

I hope you loved this all you can eat Brazilian steak on South Beach experience! If you loved it give it a thumbs up, comment below and subscribe to my channel!

► Business:
5858 SW 81 ST
Miami, FL 33143
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  1. Davidsbeenhere

    Hi everyone! I am back in Miami (my home) and I am going to be making a ton of food videos on the 305! I teamed up with Fogo de Chao to bring you this All You Can Eat Brazilian Steak: Thank you for watching this video! If you're new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE for new travel content every week! Also follow me on Instagram to get live updates:

  2. The owner's face at 13:30 says it all; These locals loved it, they'll come back 🙂

  3. Dr. Fabrício M. Nogueira


  4. Patrick Cramer

    Brasileiro é tratado como idiota até pelos próprios brasileiros. 35US$ o rodízio lá, praticamente o mesmo preço que se paga aqui no Brasil, onde supostamente toda a matéria prima é mais barata, além de mão de obra e etc. Inexplicável como o preço em Miami Beach é o mesmo do RJ.

  5. Rapheal Francis

    ANGELOS. 2:33PM

  6. Essa dupla é ruim de carne heim? Kkk

  7. Pedro Boueri

    This kind of reataurant is so fucking expansive here in Brasil. But it's also so fucking good!

  8. Júnior Play

    Eu não gosto de ver esse vídeos que dá uma fome kkkkkk

  9. Nada como nosso churrasco

  10. miss atomic bomb

    Pudim não é flan!!!!!!

  11. Mercy Moreno

    I have to subscribe because I find you and your Dad amazing! (Coming from Samuel and Audrey's vlog!)

  12. The name is 'Rodízio' or 'espeto corrido'.

  13. Tiago Moraes

    falto uma feijoada, más se tivesse feijoada, não ia caber carne nenhuma kkkkk

  14. Sweets Sweeter

    I hate steak!!!…. and I don't give a damn how you cook it!!!…. plus I don't like to get full off of meat…. although I do enjoy lamb and pork ….my guilty pleasure is actually pasta!!…yeah baby!!!!

  15. Faltou farofa, maionese caseira, ovo de codorna, abacaxi no espeto e muitas outras coisas que vc só encontra aqui no Brasil.

  16. Daiane Martins

    Coloca legenda em português,por favor

  17. julianabraga24

    proud of our food! best ever!

  18. Leony da Cruz

    Fogo the tchau

  19. Matheus Prado

    The pork ribs in my opinion it’s so much better withouth any sauce.

  20. Rudi Kochhann

    The Brazilian culture is a mixture of many peoples, Spaniards, Portuguese,English,Japanese, Nordic, German,Italians… . This is Brazil