Alix's Favorite Dessert Recipes • Tasty

Alix's Favorite Dessert Recipes • Tasty

Peanut butter pie, cheesecake-stuffed banana bread, and chocolate dipped strawberry cream puffs! Which is your favorite?

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Alix Traeger


  1. alix looking 🔥 so skinny 😲🥰

  2. Margaretha Peters

    Those creampuffs seriously look amazing

  3. Mee I’ll take you on a date

  4. Those cream puffs are so flat 🙁

  5. where is tasty based coz when i’m older i rlly wanna get a job there

  6. Gabriel Santiago


  7. Random Person

    Imagine if rie left buzzfeed too…

  8. claire jessarie javier

    can alix and rie go for zero waste? 🙃🙂🙂🙂

  9. Maryann Hughes

    I will gladly take that gorgeous girl out

  10. Chiller 88884

    Did…..did she just do Gangnam style….in 2019…?

  11. Princess Crystal

    Omg alix left? I AM SO SAD!!! 😭😭😭

  12. Folkert Veenstra

    It’s always great to watch anything from Alix, it’s such great fun!

  13. Yahmina Sarae


  14. Dara Kilcommons

    Alix is what

  15. Is it because Alix is leaving That they are publishing lots of her videos than usual lately?

  16. It’s sad to see Alix leave, but seriously stop reuploading the same content

  17. Kassy's Furmom: Paula

    I'm here at 1am, looking at this yummy food and starving myself

  18. Audrey Elizabeth

    I am going to miss her adorable personality 😭

  19. Mythia Mende

    8:10…a hand behind…

  20. Yejdbdhdi Hejoebdbdkf0