7 Unique Recipes For Taco Night

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  1. Shivam Patel

    Who doesn’t like cooked a cheese by its self I mean when I was like eight or you see it just plain cooked cheese that I used to cook on the stove almost every day!!!😂🤢. It was delicious but only if it’s cooked right if it’s over cooked then It will taste burnt. But anyway now I’m 14 and I only eat it sometimes because I thought that like five years ago it was just weird but good So anyway now I only need it one if I eat something else like that goes with cheese like sometimes with Mexican food yeah that’s it my mom makes the cinnamon rice which taste amazing with Mexican food so I basically just add some sauce and cheese to it and is just the best thing ever!! And no the Rice or not sweet.

  2. Legit LowQualityGuy

    Dafuq u crazy

  3. Soukthachone Vilaysack

    me going to taco bell sober and ordering half the menu and play blind fold taco eating challenge

  4. Encounter vacation narrow most productive chair through incentive African cabin.

  5. Why do so many dishes have alcohol in the recipe? Like can people get off with alcohol? It just frustrates me because you see that amazing looking dish and then there is alcohol in it -_-

  6. clicked when saw ice cream tacos

  7. Necrophillus Apestosus

    No no no 😒 ustedes no entienden la esencia del taco…

  8. just a parrot

    Fuckimg love mexican people because of this invention

  9. Sunshine Living

    I’ve gotta do this

  10. I don't know what you gringros did to our lovely tacos

  11. The beer battered shrimp and BBQ chicken were the best ones!

  12. Nostalgic Nemrac

    0:50 Who the hell is gonna get full with that

  13. I'd like to see more low carb/no carb stuff

  14. Monica Jones

    Corrine Leigh and hellthy junk food take notes

  15. Am I the only one that only watch these video for fun and never do or try to do them

  16. Man I really wanna make some tasty food videos but the prob is I might burn the house down or…

    Iam too lazy….

  17. sighs again with these stupid "taco" recipees…

  18. Sireesha Hubli Ronad

    Guys ice-cream Taco is at 4:33

  19. isaac mendez

    Who in the fuck bakes an avocado?

  20. yo dis channel is life!!!