7 Satisfyingly Easy No-Bake Desserts • Tasty

Try these 7 satisfying no-bake desserts

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  1. Leah Ackerman

    Video: No bake!
    Me: "Yes!"
    Video: Takes out pan
    Me: "I didn't want to make it anyways."
    Also me: Crying noises

  2. Sarn & Daisy

    fridge for 2 hours
    Tasty's drunk again!

  3. Antonio Garcia

    Brigadeiro 😍😍

  4. Aditya Kapur

    Yukkkkk….🤑😫😷🤧 Looks like maggots are present over chocolate

  5. Liam de Vries

    0:32 that are not chocolate sprinkles that is HAGELSLAG from the netherlands

  6. Jimmy Chicken

    I went from a sleep paralysis video to this

  7. Me: oooh easy deserts! Can’t wait to make em!!
    Video: “Grated purple yam”
    Me: 😟😟

  8. Shawnee Rapisarda

    So easy not 😐

  9. I see brigadeiro, I click.

  10. Stray Kids make Stays STAY

    I can already sense my cholesterol level rising up just by watching this video

  11. A lot of people complaining these aren't easy no bake recipes so here's mine just for you

    Pack of kit kats
    Pack of oreos
    1 pint ice cream

    Open and eat

    If that's still too much work, you can chew on your arm while you rot in bed you lazy mofos who complain about recipes you were never gonna make anyway

  12. Americus Allmon

    I'm hungry now

  13. Jason Michel

    I thought this was no bake🧐

  14. Oh yes! I definitely have purple yam just laying around in my house!

  15. Brayton Thurston Aka sasuke uchiha

    What do you mean by chill like put it in the fridge or freezer

  16. b u t t e r e d p l a t e

  17. Pearl Gilchrist

    And it's like "no bake" but then "cHiLl fOr fOuR hOuRs"

  18. Priscilla Jimenez

    Strawberry Dome is beautiful!

  19. Priscilla Jimenez

    Chocolate sandwich cookies

    Man that's Oreos!

  20. Moon Light Wolf

    “No bake”

    Me: yeah but it still requires my energy