7 Magical Rainbow Recipes

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  1. Oumou Diallo

    rainbow is my favorite color

  2. "Magical rainbow recipes that will bring you good luck"

    Ok if I make and eat one and don't get an iPhone y'all will pay

  3. Pride cakes 😋

  4. Ibrahim Jassim

    It annoys me that in every dish there is at least 1 color of the rainbow missing

  5. Lovely recipes, but the song!? I watched the video on mute.

  6. I got your cook book

  7. Gatcha Verse lucylove


  8. I keep seeing these purple sweet potatoes in cooking videos, but never at the grocery store! 😣

  9. I actually did the Bundt cake one with my cake recipe except with the colors green and red for Christmas… My peers at school will love it for our Christmas party!

  10. Tasty Dessert

    So yummy i want to eat!

  11. Your video is so good and best please give me your heart 💖

  12. It looks delicious 😋

  13. Yummy Cookies

    All cake are so yummy💗💗💗

  14. Amazing Cookies

    Don't Watch When You're Hungry 😂😂😂

  15. Rip Prince xxx

    This looks easy, but if I try I will literally burn my house down.

  16. There is a typo

  17. I'm a literal unicorn so I loved watching this!!

    (I don't fart rainbows if you're curious 😂)

  18. SICK!!! Tekashi 6ix9ine x Tasty

  19. Wow,what is the music called can someone please tell me

  20. Lukas Paulauskas

    7:02 IIN?????