7 Ideas For This Year's Christmas Dinner

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1. Rump Cap Roast

The rump cap cut features heavily in Brazilian cooking, where it is known as the Picanha. With a decent amount of fat coverage to keep it moist, the rump cap is perfect for barbecues and roasting. Today’s recipe will be focusing on the latter, as we’ll be creating a heavenly roast that packs plenty of punch in the flavor department. Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://www.scrumdiddlyumptious.com/rump-cap-roast/

2. Drunken Chicken

When you order chicken with beer, you usually receive something to eat and something to drink. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, as this recipe proves. Today, we’re bringing the two elements together to create an unusual, yet wonderfully tasty dinnertime meal. Bring on the beer! Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/gkm9xkzxjr8

3. Roulade Roast

You probably know what a roulade is, but what about a roulade roast? It seems more elaborate, but it’s actually astonishingly simple to follow the recipe. Just make sure you set aside some time. You’ll reap the rewards later, as the roulade roast really will melt in the mouth come mealtime! Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/tLBhL-Y_nBI

4. Cheesesteak Roast

A good roast dinner recipe is always something you want to have ready in your back pocket, especially if the relatives are coming to visit for the holidays. This is the time of year that calls for recipes with a real wow factor — ones that require a little bit of patience, but are a totally unique and a real culinary delight. This delicious stuffed cheesesteak roast served with rosemary potatoes on the side is one of those perfect festive dishes. Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/GsuYJ4Jvi4E

5. Turkey Wellington

Still got a little room left for some more turkey? We’ve got you covered! Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/9QvPlU7Uv8A

6. Stuffed Christmas Goose

Whatever you think of Christmas, aren’t we all mostly just looking forward to the extravagant food that’s going to be served on Christmas day? Alongside delicious baked treats and mulled wine, the festive roast marks the undisputed high point of the celebrations. And when it comes to preparing one, there’s no magic involved, as our recipe shows. Even inexperienced chefs can serve up a delicious recipe by following these steps! Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/sb1l1hFv4u4

7. Roast Pork With Apple Stuffing

A joint of roast pork is always something fine, so don’t miss out on the chance to try this recipe — we’re confident you won’t find a tastier way to prepare this dish, so let’s get started! Get the full recipe & instructions here: https://youtu.be/lj-FdHqoDwU


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