7 Easy Steak Dinners

Recipes here:

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Tastes Like Chicken Mcm
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  1. Alyssa lobis

    Open a restaurant pls

  2. Tasty needs to learn how to marinate there meats because salt & pepper is so basic asf!

  3. Brenda Mccoy

    Season the steak with more than salt and pepper ffs

  4. Takahashii Namikaze

    college students were here

  5. Amaan Rashid

    Ruined my win streak…

  6. Johnny Veganite

    0 stars, go vegan for the animals

  7. Oh yeah

  8. I didn’t know that tacos are considered as steaks

  9. Wooden Acorn


  10. Very good job,thanks!

  11. Sanaul Haque Rana

    total bullshit.. waste of my stakes … fuck these recipes

  12. yeee.rd_ Fam

    Easy Huh…

  13. Belly Button Boy


  14. I cooked one of the recipes and i ruined it! now i dont know how to throw it because my mother will kill me for wasting so much stuffs and for destroying the kitchen!

  15. Nusaiba Siddiqui

    While watching dis i cud hear my stomach growling more dan i cud hear the music in d video

  16. Priscilla Liu

    Am I the only person who eats steak with chopsticks?

  17. EatApple OrBanana

    Who like steak with egg and a little of onion and vegetable cmon give me some comment :>

  18. I don't drink alcohol .. what can I substitute with brandy?? Thank you for your expert advice

  19. I cried a little … beautiful !

  20. None of your Business

    i think because of steak and bacon i‘m not vegetarian😂