6 Scrumptious Hot Dog Recipes

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  1. Looks easy but I don't think I can nail it.. 😂 😂

  2. reaped_chnnl

    Hotdogs are life

  3. Fardausi Ahmed

    Soo tasty

    I wanna eat it 😭😩

  4. So your telling me…

    I can eat pigs in a blanket in a blanket under a blanket with pigs???

  5. Brian Binder

    Love watching videos like this while on a 7 day fast!

  6. Derrick Dorsey

    That chili dog bread ring looks F'n amazing! 😢

  7. Mohammad Tahmeed Abdullah

    Is that actual dog meat? 😶😶 i hate dog meat 😑

  8. Airlines cool8

    Who watch this in Ramadan?
    For Islam only

  9. Ryan Bannerman

    the worst thing about watching these is they make you hungry

  10. Evandro Carlo Ciaccia


  11. Jack-O-bonnie Gaming


  12. Daniel Gilbert

    Those chili cheese dogs in the beginning! SO GOOD !!!!

  13. Khaled Mohamed

    can i use Pomegranate molasses

  14. I’m high

  15. Meenu’s Menu


  16. BoricuaHaze28

    3:46 there is no way that is 1 small onion.

  17. Santiago Castañeda

    These are not hot dogs

  18. Corie Glover

    man thanks now I know what I'm going to eat this weekend,on the lo budget side….

  19. I just gain 100 killos only watching this video.

  20. I tried the first recipe about an hour ago but I didn't have chilli. I kept it simple. I basted the bread outside and inside with butter melted in the microwave, baked for 5, then added cheddar bits in the base and on the ends, then a thick line of mayo, mustard, ketchup. Fried onions until caramelised and boiled hotdogs, then drained hotdogs and put them in the pan with the fried onion oil to coat them. I put the dogs in the bun, added onions on top, then more cheddar to coat and baked. When done and cheese melted I added a slice of avocado on the side.

    I must say it was DELICIOUS, so thank you for the idea.