5,000 Calories Vegan What I Eat In A Day

I decided to do a 5,000 Calorie challenge just to see if there would be a difference in my body. Making it a little harder, I decided to keep it pretty “clean” consisting of mostly whole foods. The plan accidentally turned out to be gluten free and soy free (with the exception of my coffee creamer.

I know the Calories and Macros are not 100% accurate especially because I did not use a scale to weigh my foods, but I did use online resources and nutritional facts on certain food labels. So there may be discrepancies.

Here are the approximate breakdowns for the meal plan:
Daily Total:
Calories: 5,004
Carbs: 622.9g
Protein: 170g
Fat: 193.35g
Total Cost: .29

Weekly Total:
Calories: 35,028
Carbs: 4,360.3g
Protein: 1,190g
Fat: 1,353.45g
Total Cost: 5.03

A special thank you to Layla. You can find her on Instragram at @LaylaLuciano
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