5 Protein-Packed Salads

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  1. Can someone please tell me what tempeh is?

  2. Priti Khudkhudia

    Very nice… thank you

  3. Damini Patel

    To know about healthy recipes, you can DM us @missbellydietexpert FB Page or download the app https://land.ly/medicalwale

  4. صحارى متفائله

    Is chickpea cooked??

  5. Kevin Powell

    Great video! Will have to try making these. They look delicious!

  6. Skip all the adding oil step and you will have super healthy salad.

  7. I don't have these ingredients.. please make a green-leaf focused salad? With regular ingredients like bell peppers and stuff

  8. Deon go healthy

    Look Delicious😃#Wow

  9. Wow! Thank you!!

  10. Farji

  11. Goldie Sorra

    TOo fast!!!

  12. Madhu Maniar

    OMG !! Absolutely superb !! Wish we were neighbours (in India we exchange good dishes with each other) !!

  13. Loved these recipes! Keep up the good vegan / vegetarian/ healthy recipes for us! 🙂

  14. Alina Nicoleta

    Salads look great. But in most of the videos I've seen, the amount of olive oil used to cook (on fire!) Is too high. It is known that olive oil should be used in the kitchen for cold cooking! otherwise in the presence of heat, it becomes extremely unhealthy! and leaving aside this aspect, too much oil! the salad should be a kind of light, not with 999 kilo of oil! just saying……the same thing I noticed when it comes to cheese, chedar, mozarella. I mean, they're very fat foods. They are tasty and I can not remove them from my own diet, but fat … the bad kind of fat!

  15. Clara Hippler

    This looks Delicious!!

  16. Amreen Fatema Surani

    Lovely salads…. I pack this for lunch every night but by next day lunch time the salad gets very watery… 🙁 don’t know what to do

  17. That's too much beans…yuck

  18. The kale and avo salad looks lit!

  19. Looooove these!!! Can't WAIT to try em' ALL….LOVE U TASTY, Keep em comin'!!!! ♡

  20. Legacy of Pretty

    I only come to tasty videos to watch people complain about salt content and it being vegan or non vegan…never fails.