5 Dessert Recipes So Easy You'll Impress Yourself • Tasty

Impress yourself and your friends with these easy dessert recipes!

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  1. Muhammad Rayyaan Azeem Chaghtai

    At the time of the video 2:12 the person hand slips

  2. thanks for actually including measurements for your recipes unlike coughcough 5 minute crafts and So Yummy coughcough. I can't wait to try the strawberry sorbet recipe!

  3. Me: Ok this will be cool


    Me wondering why I didnt think of that: Welp off to hang myself.

  4. Mote like, "5 Dessert Recepies That Are So Easy, Obama Would Be Proud"

  5. Martha Martinez

    I'm ttrying the strawberry sorbet now. We will see if your a liar now!Hahahahahahhahahahah!!!!!

  6. 2:15 baby hands
    me:man this baby cook is better than me

  7. Angelina Ehab

    I hate peanut butter😕😕😵😵😱😱

  8. Izakurakagel2 Aero

    Real title: Deserts so easy they’ll make you realize that your even lazier than you thought you were

  9. Veronika Wadhwa

    2:12 are those a kid’s hands? If so, they are so cute

  10. Conner Rathbun


  11. slayer squad

    For basically all of them I only have about 2of those ingredients at home

  12. Mojsena Alam

    There goes my dieting

  13. For the peanut butter pie jar you can also grab the peanut mixture and freeze it makes icecream!!!😁

  14. Lorelei Teeter

    Y'all need a video called easy desserts for people with peamut allergies lmao

  15. Tasty finally realized we all have no friends lmao

  16. Shayel Monger

    You just show us this but we don’t have equipment like yours in the videos

  17. Melayia Winn

    Mmm tasty!! 😋

  18. Took me while to realize that was a cute kid, and not a dumb woman on her first day at the job 😂

  19. S0dap0pb0ttle

    I love this title lol

  20. Devanshu Shukla

    Please do not repeat recipes. I love Tasty. Make new recipes or have less recipes in ur video but do not repeat them