5 Best Tasty Chocolate Desserts

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  1. legend killer

    I have :
    •zero ingredients
    •zero experience
    •zero will to cook
    But im watching this cuz i wonna get hungry

  2. Mansur Zadran


  3. Halawi Sheikh Ahmed

    Chocolate Pancakes

  4. OmaatlaNtshi 05

    What's dessert without chocolate 😌😌

  5. My mouth is melting now

  6. Laverne Coutinho


  7. sudheshna banerjee

    2:10 was literally Chocolate Dosa LOL

  8. Aneeqa Naveed

    I only watch their videos, I don't make the food.

  9. I made the first one and it is amazing
    I repeat , IT IS AMAZING

  10. Akkosuku Chann アッコスク ちゃん

    WARNING: Don’t watch when hungry!

  11. lili and cole

    Who else isn't vegan?✋

  12. Wow

  13. fuck yes w00tw00t im w0000t0f0ekdjeb

  14. hAvE u sEeN mY wEaVe

    at 2:25, aren’t u basically just eating cream??

  15. بروصتاني اعطط

    I did the first recipe and it was amazing ❤❤😍

  16. Helen Romilly

    U guys are crap

  17. Is cream cheese really cheap in america?

  18. I recently got premium and i can download vids so i can watch them without wifi and the only vids i ever download are « tasty » vids. Love ur ideas and ur channel

  19. Fortnit& Fifa

    Can you stop calling Oreos “sandwich cookies”. Unless if that’s what you call it in America. Jesus Christ! Sandwich cookies. I rather have a sandwich from subway

  20. PoRnEsIaN PaRaPiO

    how i got diabetes