43 Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

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  1. Dilburt Ferdschmert

    This is basically Breath of the Wild

  2. anikattymiau :v

    I love tasty

  3. It’s 3 am wtf am I doing

  4. Reiner Braun

    Mozzarella sticks? More like mozzarella stinks

  5. Mahir Lego master
  6. anthony Goespewpew

    I think I can only make one of these recipes and even then I'm taking artistic liberty with one ingredient

  7. Macaroni Cheese

    Mmhmmm 3 ingredients

    50000 dishes also

    wHaT A pAckAge

  8. Man i wish i wasn't allergic to peanut butter cause probably ¾ of these recipes have PB in them😂

  9. ShadowGolem86

    Do cookie dough and brownie batter count as single ingredients?

  10. Olivia Thomas Mango
  11. Dear Tasty, you do realise you are posting on an INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE, not exclusively America. Get out of your egocentric mentality and realise we can't access some of those products in other countries, yes that's right, other countries….you do realise there are other countries, right? Idiots.

  12. Робин Коппа

    Directions unclear. Dick stuck in toaster.

  13. these recipes don't work. everyone should unfollow buzzfeed and all their child companies including blossom and soyummy

  14. Easy recipes that you probably don't have the ingredients for!

  15. Dhanaya Kumar

    Don't do the banana pancakes. It was so horrible that not even maple syrup can save it

  16. BackFatBetty91

    That's not pigs in blankets!! Haha

  17. Tyrese Kingpin BM


  18. Me:some of those are unhealthy
    My mind: Omg they must taste so good

  19. 43 easy ways to get diabetes

  20. #Tasty16M!!! Been here since like 6 or 7