4 Easy No Bake Dessert Cup Recipe | Eggless Dessert Idea | Yummy

4 Easy No Bake Dessert Cup Recipe | Eggless Dessert Idea | Yummy

TODAY’S RECIPE IS 4 Easy No Bake Dessert Cup Recipe | Eggless Dessert Idea | Yummy
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  1. All the desserts looked yummy…………………………………..

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  4. Krizzia Luncsford

    Is it ok if I use corn starch instead or corn flour or they just the same .? Ty in advance whoever response..

  5. Vennila YL Creations

    Wow so beautiful to watch this.i loved it

  6. Izyan Muallim

    Can I use cocoa powder instead of chocolate

  7. Bivian Veril

    Hello new friend.kaway kaway nman jan

  8. Anushka Tiwari

    In the first one can I use the chashni of gulab jamun

  9. kyddoemiko100

    Oh gosh what a sweet treat to share with your guests during a wedding banquet 🌸🌺🌸🌺😙

  10. Mary Chris Balulot

    Corn flour ? Is it corn starch ?

  11. Looks undelicious

  12. Saule Kusainova


  13. fatima fatima

    Thank you so much for awesome and simple dessert recipes,I am gonna make for sure 😊
    Thanks again 🙂

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  15. Sadaf Farooq

    Please stop copying other people's name.

  16. Sandip Majumdar

    Chiii e i would never eat these things so unhealthy so much sugary

  17. shopperhopper1

    What size cups do you use for the Oreo and mango desserts?

  18. Khovalia Platina

    OMG i can totally see myself making these. Easy recipes.

  19. ummer farooq


  20. Muhammed shereef Muhammad shereef

    Looks tasty but never tried to make it