38 SWEET RECIPES FOR DELICIOUS DESSERTS || Kitchen Secrets by 5-Minute Recipes

38 SWEET RECIPES FOR DELICIOUS DESSERTS || Kitchen Secrets by 5-Minute Recipes

Cook desserts like a Pro! Watching this video, you’ll learn to cook pancakes and upgrade your cakes. Besides, you’ll know how to make chocolate covered strawberries and sorbet.
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00:37 Birthday cake recipe
02:27 Homemade peanut butter
03:15 Homemade sorbet
04:41 Unusual ice cream recipe
05:20 Chocolate covered strawberries
06:24 Nutella pancakes
07:53 How to upgrade your cake
09:22 Cake decoration idea
10:32 Cake for loved one

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  2. 2:13 I don't think someone would want a birthday cake made of fruits

  3. 5:18 – Ahh! PERFECT Combination


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    Behind the scenes: They are actually allergic to peanuts.

  11. Isabella Ciurczak

    who else watches these but never tries to make them

    No just me

  12. 1:41 The ultimate Waffle

  13. Frances Pidcock

    5:57 am i the only one who eats the chocolate bit on its own

    like if u do it!

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  17. That is so unhealthy that i got diabetes when i ate it

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