Amazing cooking hacks for your dishes

Cooking is such an enjoyable experience. Some of us enjoy the process of cooking while others enjoy eating the food, but for sure we all enjoy both. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY cooking hacks for the kitchen that will absolutely fall in love with and you’d want to start experimenting with your fruits, vegetables and all ingredients you have available. We show you some healthy snacks you can try if you are on a weight loss journey or you’d like to detox using fruits and veggies. We also show you how to cut your vegetables and decorate your dishes in order to impress your guests with that extra artistic touch on your plates.

In this first video, we show you how to create amazing fruit lollies using a syringe. You simply cut your fruits thinly just as we demonstrate in the video, and, lay them on a flat surface. Then you cut the tip of the syringe off and you pierce each fruit with your syringe in order to layer it. You then add a wooden stick to hold the fruit combo together and voila. You can use any fruits you like but our suggestion is to use bananas, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, and peach! These are perfect to enjoy during the summer next to your holiday pool!

All parents have struggled to get their kids healthy and get them to eat their fruits and veggies, so we found the perfect hack for you! We show you some amazing ways to cut your fruits into different animals and flowers in order to get your kids inspired to eat them. Imagine eating the apple turtle, they’d be more likely to have something that looks this appetizing and close to their reality rather than just the fruit on its own. These are perfect if you are also looking for inspiration on how to present your fruits on a kids party! The little ones will go crazy over them in a heartbeat!

Have you ever been to a picnic and you forgot to bring a knife with you to eat your deliciously red watermelon? Then, don’t worry because we found the best hack for you! Instead of eating your large slice of watermelon by trying to cut it with your hands, you can use some dental floss instead. Watermelons are generally extremely tender and the dental floss will easily penetrate and cut it. Simply run the floss as close to the peel as possible all the way to the other side and then cut it in small slices just as we demonstrate in the video!

If you are struggling to remove the strawberry stems and you end up cutting 1/3 of the strawberry off to enjoy it in your fruit salad, then look no further than this video; because we show you a great way to remove strawberry leaves and stem using a plastic straw! Simply run the straw from the bottom of the strawberry all the way up and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant veggie cutting hacks that you’ll want to try right away! Fruits and veggies are extremely healthy and this video will inspire you to eat more just by having some fun with cutting them into interesting shapes. Stay tuned until the end of the video to see how you can create your own strawberry roses to gift to your loved one who loves strawberries!

0:07 – Delicious fruit lollies
0:36 – How to cut an onion into a flower
1:05 – Floral kiwi cutting design
2:07 – Amazing apple crab cutting
3:08 – How to remove cherry seeds
3:29 – How to cut a pomegranate
4:10 – The correct way to cut an avocado
4:55 – How to make onion rings
6:07 – Bell pepper dip bowls
7:02 – How to peel a peach
7:38 – How to peel a tomato
8:27 – How to peel a banana whole
9:00 – Easiest way to cut a peach
10:32 – DIY cucumber sharpener
11:30 – Cool square orange
13:06 – Brilliant way to cut an apple
13:44 – How to cut a mango
14:16 – Easy fruit and vegetable carving
15:00 – Beautiful Strawberry roses
16:44 – Onion floret

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