3 Summery Dessert Recipes To Treat Yourself To

3 Summery Dessert Recipes To Treat Yourself To

Sweet treats perfect for enjoying in the sun, today we’re showing you how to make 3 delicious and summery desserts!

0:00 – Strawberries and Cream Donuts
3:31 – Key Lime Pie Cake
7:21 – Caramel Apple Pie Roll

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  1. Machange Godbles Machange

    Good work Twisted😌😌🙌

  2. BoBo Cooking

    these are really great ideas, i love it ^^
    just to add more to it~ I've made super creamy popsicle ^^ welcome to check it out too lol

  3. Sonia Marcos Pallas

    Pon los ingredientes en español y en la caja de inscripción porfa si no como lo vamos hacer los españoles y los de otros idiomas espero respuesta gracias

  4. Caramel apple is a fall food🤣

  5. 『Aşık Olcan Adama Tükiriyim Monika』

    Wait a minute i see this somethings in 5 crafts🤔🤔

  6. earline jackson

    Those were NOT key limes, they were regular limes! You can’t make key lime anything without real key limes, they have a distinctive flavor and there are no substitutes for them. Key limes are smaller (about the size of a half dollar, or a bit less) and are mostly yellow when ready to use, have very thin peel and are quite juicy for their size. The flavor is awesome and cannot be gotten from regular limes.

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    Mouth watering deserts 🏜, soooo good!!!

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    Bon Appetit 3 ways of summery desserts to treat myself to from Twisted foods.

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    Was just thinking to myself, I'm so lazy to make all of these things on here. But its really satisfying to watch.

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