3 ingredient Egg Pudding!

3 ingredient Egg Pudding!

Here’s the recipe for a very easy, simple egg pudding with only 3 ingredients!
This is commonly known as “Leche Flan”

For Sugar syrup:
4 tablespoons Sugar
3 tablespoons Water

For Egg Mixture:
1 cup Fresh Milk
1/4 cup Sugar
4 Eggs
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  1. yumm yumm yummy its like the food of mummy yummy yummy did you like it you pin my comment

  2. Sanjiv Thakur

    I made it and this recipe became the biggest disaster ever

  3. Random Stuff

    That is what you call flan in Spanish

  4. Mariana Fares

    Nope. We use Sweet condensed milk.
    1 can Sweet condensed milk
    The same mesure of the can of milk
    3 eggs

  5. RoseAj plays

    No offense but change the tittle cause there's 4 ingredients not 3


    The pudding stinked when I made it…

  7. neeraja unni

    How long should you refrigerate it? The video only says refrigerate it for "hours". It didn't say howmany hours

  8. Perfect shape and dish good job keep it up

  9. Mubeen Arshad

    Wow really yummy yummy yummy yummy so nice

  10. ارجوكم أخبروني كيف اقوم بإعداد السكر جيدا فهو لا يضبط معي

  11. Abhishek Dengra

    1 cup milk… seriously??

  12. Helena Mannkopf

    Isn't 5 ingredients?

  13. Kis kisko pudding achchi lagti ha hit like

  14. Milk garam karne ka bad mixi ma dalanga

  15. Rechad MANSOOR

    Slms je voudrais avoir la recette de bâtonnet aux fromage ainsi d'autre recettes salés merci de MD communiquer

  16. That's crema volteada a classic Peruvian dessert

  17. This Made My Pan Get so sticky and bad

  18. The sugar and water wont boil

  19. Dea Guilaran

    Is it okay if i dont use blender?

  20. I tried thnkuu 😊