20 Tasty Fall Desserts

20 Tasty Fall Desserts

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  2. Sharifa Akther

    this whole time I thought that it was failed desserts

  3. Malena Bustamante

    Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by how much is left in the bowl when they pour the pie / filling / whatever out of the bowel? Doesn't anyone every use a spatula / spoonula / rubber thing to get everything out of the bowl? Maybe it's just my OCD.

  4. Elephas Yeboah

    There's these things called gloves/washing hands with soap use them when your baking plz

  5. You just wasted 20 minutes of you life

  6. Up My Reptiles

    NIGGA why u put butter with some apples

  7. I thought it said fail

  8. Dina Hendricks

    is it just me or is it delish is

  9. sofie or something

    the first one is just an evolved appelflap. if you have puff pastry and you have an apple, make an appelflap. look it up, its really easy to make and theyre delicious. theyre a dutch treat, i always make them in my spare time when i feel like it.

  10. So much sugar it makes me sick, no wonder Americans are fat.

  11. Donna Jacksin

    Nice video👍

  12. liz martinez

    Upside down apple pie looks like jello 😂

  13. Hannah Freedman

    Am I the only one who watches so many behind tasty videos that I can tell who's hands are making each dish?

  14. Bailey my dog fun

    I thought this said twenty desert fails

  15. Like If You Agree

    @ 0:7:26, something sweet for the fucken kids.

  16. Hi, I'm highly dysfunctional
  17. Wanhassim Wan

    what so good about cinnamon? yukss

  18. 5,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    13:58 I’m pretty sure that’s ice cream

  19. did anyone else notice the 'pube' on the cheesecake?!!!! haha XP