19 Indian STREET FOOD Dishes You HAVE TO TRY in 2019 – The BEST Indian Street Food

During my time to India, I learned that Indian street food is about as diverse as cuisines come, making the country a culinary paradise. I’ve eaten nearly 200 Indian dishes there, but I wanted to share only the very best with you today. These are the 19 Indian street food dishes you have to try in 2019!

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1. Butter Chicken (Aslam Chicken Corner – Delhi)

This fatty, non-traditional version consists of a crispy, roasted chicken that is swimming in melted butter and spices, but don’t let that keep you away from this phenomenal dish!

2. Buffalo Biryani (Mohd Tofiq – Delhi)

The buffalo meat in this layered rice dish was incredibly tender and juicy. The sauce, mixed in with the various spices in the rice, had me in Indian food heaven!

3. Bedai (GMB – Agra)

Bedai consists of a puffy flatbread called a puri and a potato curry with cottage cheese. The herbs and spices in the puri made for a sensational combination with the curry’s slight heat. It took it to a whole new level!

4. Kabab (Tunday Kababi – Lucknow)

These flavorful, spice-filled meatballs were soft and contrasted beautifully with the paratha and onions I had them with. Easily one of my favorite meatballs of all time!

5. Chura Matar (Deena Chat – Varanasi)

This light and fresh dish is made of rice, vegetables, chilies, and spices. The flavors and textures were outstanding and I highly recommend it!

6. Gatte Ki Sabzi (Jaipur)

This mouthwatering curry is made of chickpea flour dumplings in a spicy gravy. I tried it alongside Daal, Aloo Pyaz Sabji, and Bejad Ki Roti. The spiciness and different textures made this a standout!

7. Rajasthani Thali (Torba – Jaipur)

This thali consisted of crumbled bread mixed with curries and yogurts. It wasn’t too spicy, but was packed with an unreal amount of flavor I couldn’t get enough of!

8. Mutton Burger (Samode Palace – Samode)

This was a very fresh sheep meat burger that was topped with cheese, tomatoes, onion, and lettuce. It was almost like a delicious chicken burger!

9. Chicken Lollipop (Mohammad Ali Road – Mumbai)

This is a fried chicken drumstick that is bathed in a delicious, bright red curry. It was very flavorful, especially with the ginger sauce it came with!

10. Pani Puri (Elco – Mumbai)

This puri, or hollow bread ball, is filled with a light curry that can include potatoes, vegetables, and spices. This one had a minty flavor I couldn’t get enough of!

11. Paneer Chilli (Juhu Beach – Mumbai)

This dish is made up of a cottage cheese called paneer that is served with a sauce and lots vegetables. Like many other dishes I tried, it wasn’t super spicy, but was exploding with delicious flavor.

12. Bahubali Thali (House of Paratha – Pune)

This thali, which consists of an enormous, stuffed paratha and over a dozen side dishes, is remarkably flavorful and varied in its textures. It’s big, but it’s also outstanding!

13. Pizza Dosa/Szechwan Cream Dosa (Ram Ki Bandi – Hyderabad)

The Italian-inspired pizza dosa is spicy and cheesy with a cooling coconut chutney and the Chinese-inspired Szechwan Cream Dosa is sweeter with a nice amount of heat. I highly recommend both!

14. Veg Biryani (Paradise Restaurant – Hyderabad)

The spices in the rice, coupled with the yellow curry, paneer, and vegetables, made this one of my favorite biryanis ever!

15. Paneer Bhurji (Tara Chand – Amritsar)

This buttery, creamy cottage cheese dish with vegetables and masala is like cheesy scrambled eggs, without the eggs!

16. Floating Pani Puri (VV Puram Food Street – Bengaluru)

This spicy, bright, and fresh variation of pani puri is served in a large amount of jaljeera water. It was phenomenal!

17. Fried Squid with Curries (Chennai Beach – Chennai)

This spicy, briny, and flavorful seafood dish is packed with herbs and spices and had my taste buds going wild!

18. Kathi Rolls (Nizams – Kolkata)

These fatty, grilled kebabs wrapped around a chewy paratha are out of this world! The meat is moist and flavorful and I can’t rave about it enough!

19. Gujarati Thali (Agashiya – Ahmedabad)

The rice, lentil, veggie, and eggplant dishes in this thali were full of contrasting flavors and textures that had my taste buds going wild!

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