15 Last Minute Halloween Treats | Easy Halloween Party Food Recipes | Craft Factory

15 Last Minute Halloween Treats | Easy Halloween Party Food Recipes | Craft Factory

It’s Halloween season! So get in the spooky spirit with these easy, homemade Halloween themed party foods.

00:07 – Ghost Chocolate Covered Strawberries
00:33 – Jack O Lantern Fruit Bowls
01:08 – Monster Apples
01:40 – Scary Hot Dog Spiders
02:14 – Mummy Dough Balls
02:47 – Ghost Candy Apples
03:26 – Pumpkin Wine Tap
04:18 – Jack O Lantern Dip Bowl
04:56 – White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
05:18 – Eyeball Hard Boiled Eggs
05:49 – Glow In The Dark Cupcakes
06:33 – Bat Treats
07:07 – Halloween Themed Lunch Box
08:55 – Spooky Bagel
09:25 – Dirt Jar Dessert

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  1. пинкамина •poni

    Wtf music

  2. Frida Suarez

    I don’t understand the music, it’s just fucking annoying! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Jagriti Khale

    So Halloween treats are basically food with googly eyes….

  4. Mister Pinchy

    Be honest… how many times did you stab yourself while making this? Safety first my friend. 🔪

  5. Muhammad Tayyab


  6. Janka Szakács

    1:31 WHAAAAAAT ?
    It’s not a hotdog, it’s just a whore

  7. Does anyone know the name of the music ?????

  8. Jinia Rahman

    I donts like this

  9. Mayra Hernandez

    I like some of the ideas but the music was horrible I, literally, had to mute it.

  10. Melinda Mosbey

    YUK music (ie….NOISE!!)

  11. Angelina Eryka Bajor


  12. Awful music 👎

  13. itsyagirl Zariah

    how is it going to be last minute when you posted this on the starting of October?


  15. FinnishHappiness

    da bekommt man voll bock auf ne halloween party!

  16. harpreet kaur

    Love your Halloween decorations 😈

  17. Muhammad Tayyab

    Nice 👌✌👍

  18. Meranda Rivas

    The music sounds sexual

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  20. Rejane Rabino

    We but awesome 😷😝😒👍👏✌👋