13 Desserts from Around the World! | Popular Desserts and Frozen Sweets by So Yummy

Travel the world with these delicious desserts from across the globe! These sweet and frozen treats will help you stay cool in the summer heat.

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13 Desserts from Around the World! | Popular Desserts and Frozen Sweets by So Yummy
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  1. Wow theres no dessert in Phillipines…. Wow your to lazy to look if theres dessert in phillipines :/

  2. I don't think you know what "around the world means".

  3. i would have mochi but its 4 dollars

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  8. Nadya arianda

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  9. Yammy

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  12. Beatriz Alves

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    9:08 just with some crumbs from oreo you can make an ice-cream
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