This awesome yummy recipes collection is definitely for you if you love yummy goodies (and I bet you do because everyone does). Today we collected the yummiest, the easiest, and the coolest recipes of all time for you to repeat. Check out these amazing sweet ideas and try to prepare these goodies yourself or ask your parents to help you just a bit. These goodies are awesome for parties, but they can also turn an ordinary lunch into something special and be a wonderful dessert at any time of the day. At the end of the video, you can find a few tips on making cute paper boxes for storing candy.

In this video, you can find a lot of awesome pastry ideas. There are numerous ways of folding dough: choose your favorite shape and stuffing and let’s go! I love strawberry, what about you? You can decorate cookies using cocoa and…a plain fork! Use your imagination and create you own pattern.

There are some cool ideas that are good for august evenings – you can cook a lot of cool and delicious recipes using marshmallow. For example, you can create cute fishes or awesome roses and decorate whatever you like with these edible figures.

If you’re planning a party, learn how to make a cool buffet candy table yourself. It’s easy and you’ll need only a couple of things – a few glass jars and some hot glue. I bet, your guests will be surprised and delighted.

You can make very yummy lollipops – mix sugar, lemon juice, and water. Heat the mixture and pour it into shapes (don’t forget about a stick).

Watch this video up to the end to see how to make cute paper boxes.


1:50 – Decorating cookies
2:20 – Marshmallow fish
3:12 – Homemade lollipops
6:47 – Candy buffet table

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