10 Desserts to Impress Your Dinner Guests! | Dessert Recipes by So Yummy

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Ring in the New Year with these New Years Eve Treats! | Dessert Recipes by So Yummy
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  1. Riri's animatics

    I don't really care about the guest I just wanna treat my stomach well👍

  2. Aaliyah Redd

    Whose watching this because come to my house am making it today come come

  3. Kiki Dan Aulia

    Delis yoso

  4. I love so yummy

  5. Jakub Krawiec

    Bardzo cool polecam xd😄😄😄

  6. Half of this stuff aren’t even desserts?!

  7. Nian's Cooking Diary

    Wow another nice recipe by u

    super delicious and perfect..

  8. 大西通博


  9. This is all just deep fried cholesterol

  10. Chinese video فيديوهات صينيه

    9:00 it looks soooo yummy

  11. •sukłia•

    Let’s take a banana, dip it in chocolate, roll it in walnuts, oh and don’t forget to take pancake batter and add seltzer water and let’s dip the banana in that and don’t worry we’re gonna deep fry that.
    Now we deep frying a caramel apple.. now we’re deep frying a cherry..

  12. What cheesecake do you know of that can withstand being rolled in the palms of your hand?

  13. Madison Young

    I love this

  14. Pseudonymous Anonymous

    Anyone want deep fried water with that?

  15. Erin Williams

    They always start with deserte then they go to different things….

  16. So yummy chief can you make a ginger bread man and house please

  17. Jazmine Reyna

    Could you try listing the measurements and ingredients in the video?

  18. Quem Aí E Do Brasil!

  19. khushboo sharma

    Every thing made the same way…. only fruits change and not the batter

  20. Potato Queen666

    Deep fried ice cream