10 Countries That Do Breakfast Better Than America

To get a glimpse at just how exciting breakfast can be, check out what people in these 10 countries are having.

As we mull over choices of cereals or bagels, we’re well aware that our breakfast choices could be way more exciting.
To get a glimpse at just how exciting, check out what people in other countries are having.

Number 10. China. It can be dressed up in many ways, but congee and crullers are an a.m. standby. Meat and veggies are often mixed into the rice porridge, and who doesn’t love a crispy pastry? Wash it down with tea and it’s already a great day.

Number 9. Japan. Love soy? Try an assortment of miso, natto, nori, and rice. The soy-based broth and fermented whole soybeans are well complimented by a bit of dried seaweed and some rice.

Number 8. Germany. Those looking for something hardier will find much inspiration there, where the breakfast menu reads like a lunch buffet. Hard rolls, salami, cheese, ham and eggs are all standard. Coffee and jam are thrown in because, well, it is still breakfast time.

Number 7. Northern India. Stuffed paratha, anyone? Who could possibly say no to pan-fried bread filled with all sorts of delicious goodies like potatoes and cauliflower. Add yogurt and a pickle if you’d like, and viola — breakfast perfection.

Number 6. Southern India. Here, rice, veggies, and lentils reign supreme. Dishes made with them include idly, a steamed dumpling, sambar, a stew, and dosa, a crispy pancake.

Number 5. Mexico. So many delicious options, but to get the signature Mexican cuisine flair, a simple scramble of eggs, tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions more than satisfies. Plus, the colors of the Huevos a la Mexicana are a nod to the country’s flag.

Number 4. Turkey. In the eastern province of Van, breakfast is serious business. The regions numerous morning meal salons offer a dizzying array of options, including cheeses, breads, olives, and boiled eggs. Sucuklu Yumurta is a local favorite made from a combination of spicy beef sausage and baked eggs.

Number 3. Brazil. Any breakfast that comes with a big cheese puff is bound to be good. Served along side it is an assortment of fruit, ham, and small loaves of bread called pao frances.

Number 2. Saudi Arabia. It’s the place to be if you’re in the mood for balila, a dish of chickpeas seasoned with lemon, garlic, and cumin. (1,1,1) Dates, falafel, and an assorted bean dish the locals call foul mudammas will probably also be on the table.

Number 1. Spain. The people there are all about the churros. The long, fried pieces of dough are dusted with cinnamon sugar and best dipped in chocolate. Tortilla Espanola is also a crowd pleaser. The eggs baked around a filling of potatoes and onions and can be eaten hot or cold.


  1. Rabbani Khan

    Turkey is No. one………………………(Pakistan)

  2. Tunç Karlı

    Turkish breakfast is best👍

  3. English Breakfast!!

  4. Hassan Hassan

    1st turkey
    Last indian

  5. Hassan Hassan

    South India is better than north

  6. Rashmi Mishra

    u sud add some more breakfast from india. spcly north india..there r alot of variety n tasty brkfast n full of nutrion value..anywy gud job👍

  7. Abadi AlAbadi

    I believe breakfast in Saudi Arabia is the best in the world

  8. Vijay Upadhaya

    I like Chinese

  9. Somalia is number 1

  10. only 10 countries?

  11. Turkish breakfast is top notch

  12. Rayma Simran

    southern India breakfast is the best, it seems like a feast

  13. aud loves life

    Full English is by far the best.

  14. pragmatic7green

    Mexico breakfast looks good some others on this look good too

    for health etc i avoid : refined grains, dairy products, greasy fried foods, soda Kool-Aid, bologna, smoked cured meats,

    & seeking : whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs spices, nuts seeds,

    i drink water

    yes some dark-chocolate, coffee, eggs, allowed

    (i not vegetarian)

  15. HZ Oğuz kağanin torunu

    Turkish is the best!

  16. Best one is turkish breakfast, since my last visit to Istanbul, i often try to copy theirs, love from Morocco.

  17. Sketchy Comment

    We usually don't like to eat salty dishes in the morning here in algeria, breakfast here is mainly a cup of café au lait with a douhnut or a piece of cake, or a bread with some butter and jam .

  18. Sushila Pagare

    I think that indian breakfast is THE BEST. Lots of nutritional value, vitamins, protein, etc. Here in india we have different varieties of breakfast. From paratha, kachori, samosa, puri to poha, misal pav, dosa, idli sambar, medu vada, uthhappa, etc

  19. Juan Pablo Obrien

    All of them

  20. Huda Al-Harbi

    We never had baleela (chickpeas) for breakfast in Saudi.. but you tried your best I guess lol