Verde Restaurant shares their Green Chile Pork recipe

Enjoy this southwestern favorite.
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  1. OMG this broad is stupid. What a dingbat! And that's definately NOT how you make Chili Verde. Definately a slipshot, half ass version for a restaraunt that wants to cut corners and just serve food that tastes similar to the real thing, but that's definitely NOT authentic Green Chili Verde Pork. He doesn't even mention what kind of green chili peppers he's using. Authentic Green Chili Verde is made with roasted Hatch Chili Peppers.

  2. Andrew Jackson

    What a joke!!

  3. He way over loaded the pan for browning. But not his fault because on TV they want everything condensed for time.

  4. Clint Whatley

    tree hugger chili Verde. Lol

  5. Javier Silva

    that not chile!

  6. That verde looks delicious.  Girl wasn't rushing him. She was being rushed by the tv producers.  NBD. Good spot.

  7. usaearthling

    What a dumbass video and a dumbass, annoying chic….like STFU!

  8. She started stirring the pork and he gave her the glare of wtfu** let it sit and cook dammit!

  9. corn oil? they are making poison.  

  10. eric sanchez


  11. ravenblackhawke

    Many thanks Verde Restaurant !!!!!!!!!!!

    I hosted a Mexican dinner party for American friends who also adore Mexican cuisine as I do, and I am American with Mediterranean heritage.  This recipe you demonstrated on Youtube was absolutely delicious.

    I felt like I was back vacationing in Mexico, and my guests of which American really enjoyed it, and they all asked for your recipe.

    I also served Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Mojito's, Tequila, and to accompany your Mexican Green Chili Pork Recipe I also had sides of sour cream, sliced avocados, home made guacamole, Mexican White Rice with Lime and cilantro, home made re-fried beans, and flour tortillas. Some guests made it using the Tortillas and the other offerings, and some made it as a dish of the green chili pork with rice, re-fried beans, guacamole and sour cream. (For the record we had designated drivers who did not consume any liquor so we were sure that everyone would be driven home safely).

    I made a lot  of Green Chili Pork so I was able to also freeze the remainder green chili pork which was kept in buffet warmers. I Served Mexican flan and wedding cookies with Mexican coffee and hot chocolate for  beverages and desserts.

    Your culture has certainly blessed us with wonderful Mexican foods we have grown to truly love, and I shop in Mexican food markets to get the authentic Mexican ingredients needed to ensure cooking authentic Mexican goods.

    Thank you for  a great video, and your very delicious authentic Mexican Green Chile Pork Recipe.

  12. that's a different way I've seen it made, but it must be good…

  13. Art Mitchell

    True…damn mexicans too many of them and most of them are annoying…

  14. ImNotBlingRU

    Thanks Randy. I'm sure your comment is important to someone, but not most. I for one found it more offensive then that of any value. Please upload a video of how you would make GREEN chili, that isn't green, and if your baby fecal matter are in relation to the solid portion of pork that I saw in this video, I would highly, highly recommend you change her diet & get her to an emergency room to ensure her digestive sys's working properly. FTR, hole in the walls, world over are the best places

  15. Teena Austin

    Watching that woman flip her long black hair all over the food and listen to her annoying voice was really unpleasant.

  16. Where is the recipe?

  17. Randy Maestas

    looks like baby shit… just because its pork GREEN chili doesnt mean it has to be that nasty green color. it must be a hole in the wall restaurant