Vegetable Omelet Recipe

Here’s an easy and healthy breakfast idea! This is my father-in-laws signature recipe and it is all kinds of healthy! It is a Vegetable Omelet made with red and green peppers, onions, potatoes, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, brown and white mushrooms, and topped with green onions. It is a great way to start a morning.

My husband, Vladimir has an amazing relationship with his dad. They can talk serious, silly or just simple with each other. It’s a relationship I’m so thrilled to see in the next generation with Vladimir and my son, Ashton. My husband has the job of video recording and editing. When assigned the task of recording his father, he was more than excited. It was their bonding time.

Having a family of our own and a full-time job, seeing the family as frequently as we would like is not always a success. So having this project really fulfills our desire to be more with our loved ones. We get to capture awesome meals we all enjoyed growing up. It’s like watching old video footage of when you went to Disney World. That feeling you have of seeing your five-year-old self run around with the excitement of being in the coolest place on Earth. It’s like that in a weird way.

Vegetable Omelett Recipe

Vlad recalls how his dad was so nervous. He was worried that his omelet would not turn out great in pictures. Vladimir was expressing how he’s never seen this side of his dad before. You could see how his father was so determined to do a great job. If it makes my father-in-law feel any better, my husband has made this same meal for us every week this month since the recording. It’s that’s amazing, and hey, I’m not complaining!
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