Trying SCHOOL LUNCH Around The World

Tasting school lunch food around the world: India, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Germany and many other countries. But there’s only one winner! I hope you guys enjoy it, it was so hard to put this together. Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so I can make more videos for this series.

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  1. Camila Zarate

    From Brazil is called flan

  2. I'm from Wales in the UK

  3. Selene de Lune

    il pane in italia così non esiste.
    diventa così dopo 4 giorni

  4. Patricia Gavidia

    Yay you picked Mexico


  6. You didn't do Ohio

  7. Rahela Rozman

    Try swiss school lunch😁

  8. Euan Maclachlan

    South Africa gets no lunch food

    Pack your own or go hungry

  9. Daniela David

    I'm from Ireland but I'm Romanian

  10. kimberly lynn frease

    im from phillipines

  11. FUNKYplays GT


  12. egypt please

  13. i dont know how its named in your country but in germany that "sandwich" is called "(kinder) milchschnitte" …. i dont know a german school were the lunch food is served like in your video (well germany is big and has many schools so maxbe there are some who knows…) but lets tell you that "milchschnitte" is salable in every supermarket … btw you can buy that even online ^^

  14. Please do school lunch in Turkey.

  15. Notg Likegame

    I'm from cambodia my school lunch is rice with some soup and like meat like fried

  16. Ziivra Is the best

    Mexico a la verga

  17. Laura Abramović

    Do Croatia

  18. I am from uae

  19. Hi! Maybe you should tried food from Colombia! Saludos!