Trifle Pudding | Quick & Easy Homemade No Bake Dessert Recipe | Kanak’s Kitchen

Learn how to make Trifle Pudding, a very colourful and easy to make, mouth watering dessert recipe by chef Kanak.

Looking for some quick and crowd pleasing dessert recipes? Here’s chef Kanak who brings you the recipe of a very delicious and colourful dessert called the trifle pudding, Check out how this sweet and colourful delight can be prepared in no time and so perfectly satisfies your sweet tooth.


2 cups assorted fruits (strawberry, banana, kiwi, apple)
1 medium sized basic vanilla sponge cake in cubes
2 cups vanilla custard
3 – 4 tbsp sugar syrup / orange juice
1/2 cup whipped cream
some pistachio, almonds and chocochips to garnish


– In the serving glass / jar, add the layer of cake.
– Then pour in the sugar syrup / orange juice
– Then add the chopped fruits.
– Next goes in the prepared custard and make a thick layer of it.
– Then spread the whipped cream all over it.
– Repeat all the above layers.
– Garnish with some pistachio, chocochips and almonds.
– The colourful and delicious trifle pudding is ready to be served.

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    delicious recipe

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    looks delicious

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    looking so yummy…. is there any subsitute for whipping cream?

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    …u r looking so pretty like ur dessert

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