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  1. Whats the backround music?


    I think I busted a fat one when they took the 5 layer cheese cake out

  3. James Barragan

    Here at 999k!!😂

  4. Zahra Zubair

    I gained 5 pounds watching this thanks tasty

  5. Tasty, we know those "DOUBLE CREAMED COOKIES" are Oreos… Don't play games with us, Tasty :p

  6. hi i is human.

    Tasty is the food pornhub of youtube. we all know this.

  7. Auzzie Collie

    I have realised i haven't had roll cake for like 6yrs i remember having it every afternoon after kindergarten

  8. tasty

  9. enjoy and benefit

    Yummy yummy

  10. I thought the last one would have been called Choco-taco or something

  11. Lauren Perry

    The music for this video is very funky sexy…..I likes it (hey Mikey!!)

  12. Isabel Keith

    What kind of filling did you use at 6:44 and 6:55. 7:05 ?? Please respond

  13. caramelmosaic Mosaic

    I’m loving the music…! As well as being tempted by all the yummy goodness… I’m so hungry @almost 2:30am…😏

  14. ai việt nam điểm danh đê~~ :33

  15. Bhairavi Rathod

    Feb 2019???

  16. :000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  17. dodi saptono

    great video

  18. Basil Nevaeh Films

    I gained 300 pounds watching this

    And got diabetes

  19. Morgan McLaughlin

    i can just feel my blood sugar rising

  20. Sherri Gillepsie

    The tacos are so delicious.