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Visit Brasil | Trying brazilian food

The couple WayAway, Josh and Ashley Brown, went to São Paulo and took a gastronomic tour. From breakfast to dinner, they explored the city and its different flavors. Want to learn more about the itinerary? 👇👇👇 – Brazilian breakfast: http://www.visitbrasil.com/en/blog/the-rituals-of-the-brazilian-cafezinho.html – Batman’s Alley: http://www.theculturetrip.com/south-america/brazil/articles/where-to-find-the-best-street-art-in-sao-paulo – Having lunch in Brazil: http://www.visitbrasil.com/en/blog/3-brazilian-delicacies-in-the-northeast-and-how-to-prepare-them.html – Municipal Market of Sao Paulo: http://www.visitbrasil.com/en/experiencias/the-many-flavors-of-the-mercadao.html Follow The Way ...

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