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3 DELICIOUS & EASY FULLYRAW VEGAN DINNER IDEAS! Raw vegan taco wraps, butternut squash pasta alfredo, and non-stir-fry rice! These are your 3 FullyRaw meals of the week! You can eat them for dinner or even for lunch too! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow my Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/fullyrawkristina and snapchat (fullyraw) as well. Sending many hugs! Get ...

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Cook with me: Delicious Vegetable Soup | All Nigerian Recipes

Nigerian Vegetable Soup (Edikang Ikong) with Ugu and Water leaves: https://youtu.be/cOYCFfRyS8E This is how I prepare and enjoy vegetable soup outside Nigeria. It is so tasty. If you want the Nigerian version, the one prepared with ugu and water leaves, be patient with me, it’s coming. Next time I travel to Nigeria, I will film it. In fact, I filmed ...

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Delicious and Tasty Vegetarian Meal | Healthy vegetable recipe

Would you like to preapare a tasty vegetable meal for lunch? Check this video and prepare this healthy and vegetarian meal for lunch, it’s really appetizing and delicious. Preparing this healthy vegetarian recipe is easy, and you really should try it, because it’s really tasty. Just prepare it! Watch previous video: https://youtu.be/gReHVK7ycYI Ingredients: – Cauliflower – 1 onion – 1/2 ...

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