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Lunch-box preparing. Vegetarian version|海带煮油豆腐与玉米薯饼便当Vol.17 Kelp fried bean curd stew

*Please click c.c for English subtitles. 大家好,今日食谱(素食): Hello everyone, today’s lunch-box menu (also suitable for vegetarian): * 海带煮蟹味菇胡萝卜油豆腐 kelp bud stew with fried bean curd, shimeji mushroom & carrot * 玉米土豆饼(常备菜) Potato & corn pancake (Stock Food) * 小番茄西兰花色拉配烘焙芝麻酱 Cherry tomato & broccoli salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing 喜欢做便当的我会持续更新!^_^ Hello everyone! I will keep updating my bento making series, please ...

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Pork Belly with Bean Curd Recipe /腐乳肉

This dish is best paired with fresh vegetables and white rice. It is a very popular in China and one of the easiest traditional meat dishes. You will love it! Ingredients 1.5 lb pork belly 3 tbsp bean curd 1 tsp dark soysauce 1 tbsp rock sugar a little bit of salt 1 tsp cooking wine ginger and green onion ...

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