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অসমীয়া গাহৰি মাংস ডাল-কচুৰ লগত | Assamese Pork recipe with Colocasia

অসমীয়া গাহৰি মাংস ডাল-কচুৰ লগত | Assamese Pork recipe with Colocasia. #Pork #Porkrecipe #Satyaskitchen This is an Assamese Pork recipe made with Colocasia. This Pork recipe is very common in Northeast India reason. Pork meat called as Gahori Mangsho/ mankho in Assam. Assamese foods are very simple and easy to make. We use less masalas without compromising taste. There are ...

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তিলৰ লগত গাহৰি মাংস পোৰা Assamese Pork recipe with sesame seeds| Gahori Pura

Roast Pork Belly with sesame seeds তিলৰ লগত গাহৰি মাংসৰ সোৱাদ এইদৰে লওক | You will forget everything when you taste this Gahori Pura recipe/ Pork recipe/ Roast Pork Belly . This is a traditional recipe of Assam with a twist from satya’s kitchen. Pork with sesame seed is a authentic assamese culinary style of Assam or North east India. ...

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PORK recipe with colocasia leaves( কচু দিয়া গাহৰিৰ মাংস )

কলা কচু দিয়া গাহৰিৰ মাংস।। আশা কৰোঁ আপোনালোকে ভাল পাব। নিজে try কৰক আৰু জুতি লগাই খাওক। যদি মোৰ video টু ভাল পাই like কৰিবলৈ নাপাহৰিব। এনেধৰণৰ video update পাই থাকিবলৈ subscribe কৰক । জয় আই অসম Video Rating: / 5

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