Stir-Fried Cabbage and Pork Recipe / World of Flavor

Stir-Fried Cabbage and Pork Recipe / World of Flavor

For this recipe we need:
1 pound of Cabbage
1/2 small onion
8 to 10 ounces of smoked pork (I used hog jowl but bacon would work)
1 Tablespoon Chile Bean Sauce (Toban Djan)
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 Tablespoon Ginger
1/2 Tablespoon Garlic
White pepper to taste

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  1. Adriana Zambrano

    Thank you!

  2. Kasper Madsen

    What kind of spatchula, < properly misspelled, are you using? The red one you use to stir the wok. Looks amazing to use!. Thanks in advance.

  3. Wow that looked great! Thanks!

  4. Looks delicious! So simple and quick! Great presentation!

  5. This looks just like the way my mum make it . With rice is great . 

  6. 中式咸肉吗 ? 哈哈 

  7. I am
    Hungry , but I will try this haha 

  8. Chauncy Williams

    Jowel meat is the best way to cook cabbages

  9. I've never had hog gowel, when cooked what is it comparable to? Thanks!

  10. I love the music!

  11. This reminds me a LOT of yakasoba. 

  12. Yo that looks delicious!

  13. LOVE fried cabbage! Nice spin. Subbed!

  14. I could smell the jowls cooking from here!!  Excellent recipe James!  Southern meets Asian!

  15. Yumm!! I will try 🙂 Looks delicius!! Happy New Year James =D

  16. Sweet y Salado

    I've never had cabbage on New Years, that's a new thing for me and let me tell ya, I love the combination of flavors you have there. And that pork looks awesome! Happy New Year James!

  17. I think the music is a good addition, James.  It seemed to  get a little out of balance on the loud side at times, otherwise good.

  18. Love the vintage plate

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