It is food Friday in the smelly belly kitchen. Today were are showing three easy kid snack ideas to make to prepare you for the perfect sleepover party! There are really easy recipes for kids! Here are the ingredients you will need to make it perfect! Popcorn, Marshmallows, M&M’s for popcorn balls! Fruit roll-up’s, chocolate, marshmallows for Fruity Sushi! Bread, Cheese and butter for your grilled cheese roll-ups!

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  1. Rosie Peacock

    Food and drink and food

  2. Smelly belly tv I think I could use this bc sleepovers and the summer snacks for the summer and sleepovers yay good chooses girls!!!!✌️✌✌

  3. Good thing you made this video bc I have lots of sleepovers with my cousin I go over her or she comes to my house like every Friday and it's almost summer so really need some more ideas!!!😎✌

  4. I love your video s

  5. why so much butter not trying to be rude…

  6. I can't believe I'm watching this

  7. Seini Kolomalu

    I LOVE their videos!!!

  8. Arce Silveira

    Please do more videos like this and more challenges

  9. Martin Murray

    +smellybellytv your the best

  10. Wow this is dangerous you should have an adult to help you

  11. Flybyknight Productions

    How to Make Coconut Sheep Candy

  12. Diego Quijano

    We like your name

  13. Kaylee Gulliver

    +smelly belly tv how old are your kids there beautiful

  14. I tried this and the popcorn sushi and grill cheese was sooo good I watch ur videos every day love u guys so much plz respond thx

  15. Valeria Vanessa Gil

    were did you get that fruit things that you used in the sushi

  16. Good Job👍🏻😋🍞🍙🍨

  17. Carlos Canales

    your sleepover snacks look yummy

  18. Carla Arraiza

    +smelly belly tv love you guys il defenetly try these in my next sleepover plese write me back

  19. Lily Durette

    Hi SmellybellyTV I love your channel and I watch you every day. You are one of my favorite youtube channel I'v been watching since your third video and i think you all are a great family if you have a chance to can you comment back or do a q&a love this videos and have a lot of questions for you all. -Lily Durette

  20. The Baking Bad

    Nice recipe! I also posted a DIY Funnel Cake Recipe! It's SO easy and super delicious Check it out and let me know what you think? :)

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