Rainbow Detox Salad | Healthy Salad Recipe

Its salad season so I thought why not bring you guys a delicious and colourful salad recipe.This is a fun twist on the traditional salad and is featured from The Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan site.

Click here to get the full recipe: http://www.healthnutnutrition.ca/

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  1. Tee “Carmel Curls” Renee

    That looks really good, I definitely will be trying when I am done with my cleanse, but I will have to substitute the quinoa. I don't like the texture. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. White cabbage :)

  3. Looks tasty :-)

  4. Danny Gallagher (ThatDannyG)

    Please do a healthy chicken nugget recipe!? 

  5. 1024specialkay

    This looks amazing! I shall make this for a future lunch option!

  6. Claudian Fevrier

    Love love it looks appetizing.I will try it with a twist.I have the quinoa with rice blend blend.But also love the food processor i really need one like that.Thanks great video

  7. simone vella

    Hi Ya. Hope you are well? Love your recipe it is possible that you will be doing your story on the wheat,gluten, diary free diet? I would be so grateful!! thanks simone. are you not able to do? if not could you pls just let me know either way.thanks have a nice day.it would mean a lot to me thanks again simone

  8. Valentina Zenkl

    What I don't like about the healthy grocery girl is that it feels like you're watching a TV show or as if she wants to sell you something, it doesn't have the nice comfortable one to one feeling that I love You Tube for! like this channel, it is like talking to a friend ❤️

  9. HealthyGroceryGirl

    Great video!!! Thanks so much for sharing about Healthy Grocery Girl & our Member Site!!! xoxo Hugs!!

  10. This Rainbow Salad recipe video by HealthNut Nutrition is so pretty and #veryhealthyhttp://ow.ly/OeGQg

  11. Lidya Elkobi

    Looks so yummy. I'm gonna try that

  12. May I ask where did you get that beautiful white bowl? Thanks!

  13. Nichola Whitehead (Nic's Nutrition)

    This looks gorgeous 🙂 love megan!!

  14. Hi! I am new to your channel. I already love it!!!!!!!!! Can you please post the link to that lemon squeezer? 🙂 thank you!

  15. limekiwi4510

    Love it! I've been looking for healthier, filling meals, especially portable ones I can take to work. Thanks for posting! 

  16. DCNaturalJourney

    Looks yummy…I'm making this for dinner tomorrow and will share pics!! Also, love the Healthy Grocery Girl too :)

  17. UniqueAshley7

    Your sooooo pretty 

  18. For the Love of Organizing

    This looks incredible! And your skin is positively glowing! 

  19. Be Healthy Be Happy

    I love the food processor idea for the cabbage-it's such a pain for me to chop it. Salad looks delicious! :)

  20. deanna ortiz


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