Quick And Easy Indian Snacks & Lunch/Dinner Ideas (Vegetarian )/ Vegan recipe

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is swarda, and in todays video i am going to show you all very simple, quick easy and healthy indian vegetarian snacks, dinner or lunch recipes. i love indian street food but i am living outside India from few years now and its really hard to fond the authentic indian food taste thats why to help my friends and other food lovers i am describing 2 recipes in this video briefly. the first one is vada pav and the other one is Aloo paratha . Vada pac is most famous indian street food very delicious and felling its also called as Indian burger. i really hope you all will enjoy these recipe, and don’t forget to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. These are the vegetarian/ vegan recipes so any vegan can try it out

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