Pulled Pork Carnitas | Episode 1037

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  1. Nancy J Jackson

    your chicken stock paste idea is FABULOUS. Who knew? THANKS!

  2. hello do you have a video of how to make pizza rustica

  3. Juan Navarro

    may you do chile rellenos ! i love watching your show i am the wife using my husband account .

  4. mariah kohlstock


  5. Congrats on the show

  6. Samantha Zamora

    this is almost authentic, try some buñuelos for Christmas!! Or champurrado, maybe some cochinita pibil

  7. Backen und Kochen mit Peter

    super gemacht

  8. Desiree Heremaia

    I watch both this and Simply Laura. I can't believe your day ends at 11pm. I have to give you big props and a big thank you for taking so much time to make this all happen, I do not regret finding your channel on accident Lol!

  9. Mes Voyages à la Cuisine

    Like it, so so good.

  10. That New York accent though:)

  11. Hi Laura,
    Can you please make a dessert with cadbury?

  12. Diana Valdés

    Here in Mexico, "carnitas" is pork meat fried in something called "manteca" which is the fat of the pork. Every time she said "just a little bit of oil, I don't like that much fat" I was like LOL.

  13. Amanda Robertson

    can you make this with pork loin?

  14. Thanks Laura. I've tried this recipe last night. We loved it!!

  15. and the salsa a taco is nothing whit Outlook salsa

  16. I need some type of chili on mine

  17. Melissa Cardoza

    dry ass meat

  18. Melissa Cardoza

    dry ass meat

  19. Pauline OHea

    You're positive attitude makes you want to give your great recipes a try. Thank you Laura.

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