Pork Belly Adobo by Chef Leah Cohen

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  1. Trez Borlongan

    Good thing filipina grandma's don't have a way to see this because they're like italians w/ their food if not worse. lmfao

  2. lance canoza

    She sounds like Jennifer Lawrence

  3. Joseph Luis M.V

    As long as you have the core ingredients soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, pepper, bay leaf, pinch of salt or sugar if you like it sweet thats good to go for cooking adobo. Any meat will work just well and cooking varries depending on the persons preference. We have 7100 islands each regions has their own style but in the end if you eat it there is a distinct taste that all adobo has. Salty and lil bit sweet, tangy and sometimes garlicky.
    Ps. Always eat it with rice almost all filipino food has strong or rich taste to it so rice kinda balance it out.

  4. carlo angelo leis

    david seymour

  5. Erick Sintos

    Adobo's known for its basic components: pork/chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper. Uhm, star anise? Not sure if you can still nail the authentic dish with star anise.

  6. Wait… my best friend’s name is Leah Cohen…

  7. Alicia Mae Villamor

    lechón kawali na may T O Y O

  8. Alicia Mae Villamor

    It's like Chicharron and abobo combined, two of my favorite Filipino foods. 😍

  9. Alicia Mae Villamor

    ooh, triggered vegans out there

  10. roberto ramos

    (Cries in a corner) every single one of them dont wanna stay in yhe old mans way.

  11. PotatO ProductionS

    tasty videos are more satisfying than satisfying compilations

  12. PotatO ProductionS

    follow me on Instagram @maitreyee._

  13. Timothy Jan Adel

    Adobong letchon kawali? Kewl

  14. Idk why but i think it has been a tradition in the Philippines that adobo is the first dish to be taught to every kid. My mom taught me how to cook adobo before teaching me how to cook rice without using the automated rice cooker.

  15. tangina di naman to adobo e hshahahaha

  16. Fancy adobo recipe. Hehe bongga

  17. Are u hungry??

  18. adobo in cebu is fried while adobo in manila is humba in cebu 😊☺

  19. Elizabeth Olsen??.

  20. Jorell` Belandres

    here's another video on how to make posh food