POPULAR Nutella BUZZFEED Dessert Recipes TESTED | Easy + NO Bake

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1. Nutella + Marshmallow Sandwich
– 2 slices of toast
– Nutella
– Marshmallows ( preferably mini ones)

2. Nutella Cookie balls
– 1/4 cup nutella
– 1tbsp honey ( optional)
– 1/3 cup oats

3. Nutella Ice Cream
– 2 frozen bananas
– 2 tbsp nutella

Effects credit: gabrielle Marie

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  1. Alyssa Robinson

    can you use peanut butter instead??

  2. MeowToTheBeat

    For the first one couldn't you just use fluff instead of marshmallows?

  3. Hailey Laden

    Instead of the marshmallows on the sandwich put strawberrys it is so good I had all me friends try it and the loved it

  4. Ajda & Stasaslifestyle

    wow love yaa! you are the besttt

  5. Ilona Mattila

    Yaaasss I have to try like all of these 😻😻

  6. BlushstrokesBeauty

    Thank you for making this video!! It was great! I had to sub!

  7. is there anyone who knows the song at the beginning

  8. Pink Princess

    I love your videos! please check it out my channel and subbed back?💞

  9. Yummm😛😍

  10. Katie Wilson

    What is NEWtella!?!? It's NUTella because it has nuts in it!!! Do u call nuts newts??

  11. Bomb 😍

  12. When I saw the word nuttella I screamed 😂😂

  13. Oumayma Legraini

    That looks soooo delicious!! 💖💖 can't wait to try them! especially the sandwich Uh!!!
    great video as always xoxo

  14. Michelle Cabrera

    You are one away from 70,000 subs ahhh

  15. Elise Michelle

    What do you guys say "NUTella" or "NUtella? I say "NUTella" cause that's the actual pronunciation haha

  16. omg this looks so good <3

  17. Wish Nutella could be vegan 😭😂💕

  18. cheyenne white

    Yet another amazing video! Love you <33

  19. You are great and i love you sooo much.Im from serbia hahah 💞 and whats the name of first song in this video ?? p.s. love youu ❤

  20. Jessica Serra

    Thanks for the likes on instaaaa 🤗😜❤️

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