No Bake Dessert | 15 minute Fruit Tart Recipe | My Cupcake Addiction

I LOVE a ‘cheat dessert’ that LOOKS like it took hours but only takes minutes to prepare. Today I’m sharing my fave Summer Fruit Flan for when I’m short on time but still want an amazing dessert!

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  1. Ayushi Baguant

    1:00 look at her face! OMG!!!!

  2. Ayushi Baguant

    1:00 look at her face! OMG!!!!

  3. loveinspired7

    Adding this to my Cooking playlist! I can't wait to try this out! <3

  4. so you are basically making on the crust.

  5. Stephen Curry

    Lol at 4:09 or 4:10 I think when she edited it when she said you can use pistachio flavor S or whatever look at her face

  6. Anane yaw Andy

    did you cook the egg]

  7. Nicole Danielli


    ere's the recipe:

    500g crushed white cookies
    150g melted butter (salted or unsalted are both fine)
    Fresh fruit to decorate – use the stuff that’s in season for the best flavors!
    2 100g packets of vanilla pudding mix
    Whole milk to make up the pudding NOTE: Reduce the required quantity of milk by approximately 1/3. If the recipe calls for 700ml milk, use 500ml per packet so you end up with a thicker, more custard-y pudding

  8. Omgosh, I love you!! This is amazing!! Now that I have my own kitchen, that's all I'll be doing. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  9. Rajesh Sharma

    Happy birthday to you my dear

  10. Miriam Cantú

    make some vegan dishes!!

  11. Anna Mennella

    Vorrei poterti capire!😢 sei bravissima 😍

  12. My next party dessert 😊 ty

  13. Could you add the products name in the video, thx

  14. ruchi pradhan

    How to do in a silicon module?

  15. Sexy Yanti Yanti

    cold milk or warm milk?

  16. Nicki Schmitt

    I've got a question. How many dough do I nees for a round pie dish ? I thougt about one and a half of this one.
    thanks for your helpt and I love your Videos.
    best regards from Germany :)

  17. kamryn stallings

    cool go check out kamryn.stallings you can tell her to do any thing and she will do it i told her to do the yougrt c.

  18. valentina cela

    The ingredients? 

  19. Zahir Shohid

    wooow dat is awsome!!! gna tell my mom to make it for my birthday

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