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This vlog shows you the following:
– Ron and Thalita get invited to an event for famous Instagramers
– We alk about our upcoming trip to Buzios, Brazil
– We discuss what was awkward about our lunch
– We answer the question, “What would you guys do without the internet?”.

Thanks for watching, you guys are awesome!


  1. Alessandra F

    Last video was 10 days ago!

  2. Analdina Paulo

    How old are you( Thalita and Ron)?

  3. Dara Moreira

    – A Thalita também gravo esse vídeo, no canal dela (:

  4. Rafaela Marinho

    Legendas = subscritores 🙏🏼

  5. Rafaela Marinho

    Legendas !

  6. Rafaela Marinho

    Quem for do brasil ou de portugal e não percebe nada de inglês , não pode assistir o vosso canal 🙁

  7. Rafaela Marinho

    Legendas please!

  8. Rafaela Marinho

    Cadê aquelas legendas que mal se lêem

  9. Quero legenda ron 😢

  10. Nanda Moraes

    What is the biggest difference about dating someone 10 years younger Ron?

  11. Francine Naiate

    I have a question: It's a known fact that you, Tha, goes to church. Are you a protestant or catholic? What about you, Ron? What's your belief?

  12. Great video Ron and Thalita! Ron looks like you have "rebel without a cause" hairstyle!

  13. If you could travel anywhere in the world for one week with all the bills paid. Where will it be and why?

  14. Ron, do you feel that you're adjusting to daily Brazilian life? What is your fav thing to do in a common day?

  15. Mariana biçoli

    Thank you! 😘✨

  16. Sarah Oliveira

    Grava mostrando o seu celular aplicativos de vcs 2

  17. filipa branco

    I Love you guys!!
    You and Thalita are so cute together !!!!
    Kisses from Portugal!!😘❤️🌺😘😍🌍

  18. Mundo da Emily

    Manda bjs amo o canal thalita linda amo

  19. Lívia Gonzaga

    So cute ❤❤

  20. Natasha Fazenda

    I'm impressed. You'r a really good vlog, ron hahaha