Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe | Kids Lunch Box / Indian Style Recipes

Quick and Easy to Make, Tastes super delicious. This Veg Macaroni is perfect for your kids lunch box. Elbow Pasta or Macaroni Cooked in Onion-Tomato Sauce, Indian style, a little tangy and spicy and ofcourse chatpata and masaledaar. Loaded with veggies, makes this a perfect healthy lunch for your kid.. Not only as a lunch special recipe, this is a perfect dish to make in the evenings when you wish to snack on.

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  1. cute princess

    Loved your recipe you got a new subscriber but can we use any oil inspite of canola oil πŸ™‚ ο»Ώ

  2. garry hunjan

    Thnx bro thnx…ο»Ώ

  3. sana kareem shaik

    hi, i felt this recipe was perfect for me. but i would like to suggest u to list out ingredients in description Β box it would be easy to read and cook rather than pausing itο»Ώ

  4. sananul islam

    I tried amd it taste phenomenal ο»Ώ

  5. WHATT??? I cant hear u?ο»Ώ

  6. Irene Carroll

    good easy to to make thanksο»Ώ

  7. You look like a kid hihi how sweet!ο»Ώ

  8. shabanath kv


  9. Good channel mate. I like your way of cooking. Indian food is awsome, but the amount of oil used in indian cooking is way over the top, you need to cut down on it :)ο»Ώ

  10. nice but i want more tipsο»Ώ

  11. Yousuf Salman

    This is an amazing recipe..i made it actually it was my first tym
    I am very glad to make such an amazing pasta…but i want to suggest 1 thing that if u add pasta sauce which we apply on pizzas will taste amazing and add some red chilli flakes and origano
    To have an italian look + tasteο»Ώ

  12. Sara Janiniii

    Ur videos are so easy and ur soooo shweeet ο»Ώ

  13. Amazing recipe very well explainedο»Ώ

  14. Bhavesh Chinti

    Very nice maicroni u have made…..when at afternooni was hungry…i had saw thi recipe and madeο»Ώ

  15. My mom makes easy and tasty from this one…n me n ma friends just love to eat it when she gives it in schoolο»Ώ

  16. Rajinder aulakh

    Mm goodο»Ώ

  17. You are good! Thank you for the recipe.ο»Ώ

  18. Elizabeth Shen

    Looks delicious ο»Ώ

  19. It's not cooking shooking u r shocking by cookingο»Ώ

  20. Beautiful Interests

    Here's for you, Indian Style Macaroni Recipe.. Perfect for kids lunch box.. πŸ™‚

    #pasta #recipe #macaroni #indianο»Ώ

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