Filet-o-Fish is an iconic menu item of Mcdonald’s and when you will watch this video you will realise that it is damn easy to make….
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  1. Sarika Srivastava

    Hey Bharat …can u plz share your paneer salsa or paneer wrap recipe plz!!!

  2. Neelam Singh


  3. soyaaaaa popcornnnnn

  4. Atharva Pradhan

    hey bharat ! excellent job again,can you please upload the recipe of McSpicy Paneer burger ?

  5. Arzina Kadri

    I like this burger… 

  6. so mouth watering, i love your recipe videos which explains in detail.

  7. Klaus Körper

    You forgot one secret of the Filet O Fish!
    The buns have to get steamed over e pot with some cooking water for about 15 seconds. This is how the real Filet O Fish bun gets prepared in all McDonalds kitchens (OK, they use a steamer for it but it's basically the same) and for lower costs, McD only uses half a slice of cheddar sandwich cheese.

  8. tatleman5314

    how do you smelt the cheese on the burger? Because in Mcdonalds they are always smelted/

  9. Can you please show how do they make that egg patty for McEgg??

  10. Abdul mateen siddiqui

    After watching this video I will never go to Mcdonalds for buying fish-o-fillet..speechless bro just amaizing :)

  11. It's so much fun watcing your videos. Cooking isn't boring anymore. :)

  12. Rachit65922661

    Awesome bro….!!
    Could you please post the Recipe for Mcdonalds McChicken…!

  13. felicia parmar

    Hi Bharat, Your recipe looks really good.I will definitely give it a try. but I had a few questions.

    1.Which fish did yu actually use in ur video?
    2.Can I use corn flour instead of corn starch? (Corn corn starch isn't easy to find in India)

  14. Hi Bharat, Could you please post recipe for making Jalebi & Motichur laddu. with your recipe/instruction video, I am sure that both of these sweets will come out 100% original like those served in Mithai Shop. BTW you are kohinoor.

  15. Kartikeya Rawat

    Hi Bharat. You're too good man.. I loved or fast food recipes. Pls make a video of authentic hyderabadi mutton biryani now..

  16. The buns are steamed at McDonalds and please becareful about touching the raw fish then the buns without washing the hands/gloves inbetween but nice recipe .

  17. Yash Agarwal

    When are you going to upload the recipe for spicy paneer wraps. Its been more than 3 months :(

  18. Bharat bhai u have made better then McDonald. You are the best habibi

  19. simran gandhi

    could you suggest the cooking thermometer u use

  20. Shefali Bhasin

    Can you show how to make mac d chicken burger…and salsa wraps if possible :)

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